How many children can
Lil Critters cater for?
As many as you like! If you are expecting more than 25 children we recommend that you get 2 actors as it will ensure a smoother sailing of the day. It will ensure that each child has more time with the characters and is ultimately more satisfied. Our actors are incredibly skilled at ‘children management’ and are more than adept with dealing with large groups of children. It is important that you let Lil Critters know exactly how many children you are expecting so we can cater the show, prizes and games to suit.

Can I have one character for the girls and one for the boys but have it as one show?
Of course you can! Our skilled actors will cater their show to share the entertainment between the two of them, making sure that both the girls and the boys are kept happy. For example Snow White and Batman are a perfect duo to host a party. So too may be Cinderella and Spiderman, Wolly the Wizard and Fairy etc etc. If you have a particular theme you would like to stick to we suggest going with two ‘like’ characters such as Colin and Calamity Cowboy/girl or Wendy the Wacky Witch and Wolly the Wizard.

Do I need to pay a deposit?
Yes, to confirm your booking you will need to pay a non refundable deposit of $50. We are often booked up months in advance so this payment guarantees your place.

How do I pay?
The full amount may be paid prior to the event by cheque, direct bank deposit, internet bank transfer, paypal, or money order. Otherwise, with cash at the end of the event in person. We insist that the money is concealed by placing in an envelope before being handed over to the entertainer. It really can ruin the magic if your child sees Spiderman receiving cash!

Can I have a character come more than once?
Absolutely, just make sure you let the staff at Lil Critters know so we don’t double up. If your child has had us one year the show they see the next time will be different.

What is the ideal location?
Preferably somewhere where the children can gather and watch the show uninterrupted, without too much external noise and activities taking place. If there is an inflatable jumping castle for example we suggest it be deflated or that the entertainer comes before the castle is inflated. Of course, we understand that childrens birthday parties can be raucous, busy and with a lot going on, but children may be too distracted if there is too much happening at once. So, to get your value for money and to ensure that your child has the best possible experience we suggest that when the character arrives that there is little other noise happening around then. And, don’t worry we will make plenty of noise!


“My son and his friend had a ball at his police party on Sunday, and the ‘policeman’ was very funny and did a great job with the children.”
Daniela Kirchlinde

Can I have the party Outdoors?
Weather permitting-Yes. Ideally we need a power point nearby for our actors to plug in their portable stereo device. If there is no power please let us know so we can have our actors ready with batteries.

What age group do you cater for?
From 2 to 9 years. The ideal ages however are 4 to 7 years. Make sure you let us know how old most of the kids will be as our show is catered especially for the required age group.

What is generally included in a
Lil Critters show?
Each show begins with an exciting introduction of fun and interactive storytelling. A chance for the birthday person and all the special guests to meet their favourite character in the flesh!
The magic starts when a secret wish is then taught to all the children to help locate the birthday present for our very special birthday child.. A series of fun and high energy activities then ensue...

The Games..
‘The Birthday Jump’ will have all the ‘Lil Critters’ up and active. A fun, high energy game which focuses on celebrating the birthday child’s big day.
‘The Famous Bubble Off’ - A highly popular bubble-catching game.
‘The Bubble Bop’ – A fun song and dance is taught to the kids with prizes given out throughout.
‘Musical Statues’ – The classic children’s favourite, Musical Statues with a twist.
‘Pass the Magical Parcel’

All of our games are catered to suit the theme of your party. Be it a wizard party, a fairy party or a superhero party. You can expect the same content but with those extra special touches in theme with the chosen character.
The show in concluded with basic face painting. With limited time within the 1hour show it is reminded that the face painting is a very basic motif (stars, hearts, spiders, lightning bolts etc). Should you opt for the 1.5 hour show you can expect more elaborate designs and if time permits, an additional game-‘The Limbo’. Keep in mind that larger numbers mean the face painting will take longer.

What does a Lil Critters show typically cost?
Want more info on pricing? Click here!


"Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how happy we were with the entertainment. Spiderman & Bat girl were absolutely fantastic & the kids had the best time ever! They had the kids engaged & excited from the minute they arrived. I also wanted to let you know that the face painter was absolutely amazing.... wow!"
Aline Jacobsen

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