Snow White
The story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a family favourite and a wonderful theme for your child's birthday party. Snow White will magically arrive on your doorstep as though straight out of the story book. She will play classic games such as musical statues, pass the parcel and tell fun and interactive stories in theme with the classic tale.

Fairy Petula
Fairy Petula is a beautiful, bubbly blue fairy who will mesmerize your children with her exciting games and fabulous stories from the magical and mysterious ‘Fairy Land’ . She wears a lovely, sparkly blue fairy dress with glitter wings and wand.

Fairy Polly Pink
Fairy Polly Pink is all things pink, pink, pink! Fairy Polly has a magnificent pink and silver fairy gown, wings and wand and likes to play games and tell tales of life as a pink fairy in her Fairy Kingdom.

The beautiful Cinderella captivates her audience with her wonderful stories, magnificent dress and sparkly tiara. She plays all sorts of special Cinderella games. Her show features a very popular bubble blowing game. And, there’s a bubble song and dance to follow which she also teaches them. It’s loads of fun and bound to create plenty of giggles.

Little Red Riding Hood
Our charming ‘Little Red’ is an adorable character to have help celebrate a birthday.
She is sweet, silly and energetic. She wears the classic red pinafore and cape. This is a great theme for both genders as it brings costume possibilities for both boys and girls. They may want to come as the Woodchopper, The Big Bad Wolf, The Grandmother or Little Red Riding Hood herself.

Betsy the Clown
Betsy the Clown is bright and brilliantly colourful and offers something for the real littlies. Her show is full of fun games, bubbles, face painting and general clowning around! A great character for both the boys and the girls.

Wolly the Wizard
Wolly the Wizard is a wonderful party host, particularly for children fascinated with all things Harry Potter. His show is packed with wonderful Wizard and Hogwart stories, games, bubble blowing and plenty of wizard prizes. He wears a wonderful wizard cape and hat and will captivate your child with his magic and silliness.

+ more male characters...
Pir ate Pete
ain Jack
en 10
er man
er man
The Incre
dible H ulk
Red Power Ra
Medieval Knight
Sonic the Hedge
Prince Charming
Christmas Elf


"Thank you so much Rachel - please thank Cowboy Colin from us - especially for his hard work in the heat."


"Just some feedback..I was sooo happy
with Michaelangelo! I wondered how
he was going to keep 15 kids amused
for an hour but he seemed to do it with
absolute ease and they just loved him!
Thanks very much! I was a bit worried as
I just found Lil Critters by googling and
not by a recommendation but I was
very lucky. Lots of mums commented
on how great the entertainment was.
So thanks again Lil Critters!
I will highly recommend."

Wendy the Wacky Witch
Wendy is an adorable, lively witch full of giggles and magic. She brings an abundance of magical stories, games and laughter. She wears the classic black cape and hat and with her British accent appears as though straight out of a Harry Potter novel. She can cater for the slightly more squeamish audiences and is not too scary (we promise!). Wendy is slightly different to all the other witches… she is terribly afraid of spiders and the dark! But sshh! don’t tell the kids- it’s part of the surprise!

Princess Penelope
Our Princess parties are a particular favourite amongst the girls. Princess Penelope has all the trappings of a beautiful, fairytale princess. Her impressive pink ball gown, gloves and tiara are just magnificent. She is the perfect guest for your child’s princess-themed
birthday party.

Molly Mermaid
Molly comes to you all the way from the magical world of ‘Atlantica’ where dolphins, octopus, starfish and seahorses roam. Molly the mermaid, friend to all creatures of this magical seascape, is draped in fabulous shells and beautiful blues and green. She is quiet the picture of oceanic extravagance. Molly is the perfect host for an ocean themed birthday party.

Calamity Cowgirl
This character offers something for the ‘little adventurer’. The rough-and-tumble Calamity Cowgirl is ideal for a Cowboys, Cowgirls and Indians party. She is boisterous, charming and playful. Her deep southern accent and silly games will have your child laughing for hours. Calamity is perfect for both boys and girl parties. You may want to cater for the boys by bringing along Calamity's best friend Colin Cowboy.

Colin Cowboy
Colin Cowboy is ideally partnered with Calamity for larger groups but perfect on his own as well. He is a rough and tumble sort, perfect for a Cowboy and Indian party. He has a southern accent and looks the part with his chequered shirt, and cowboy boots and hat. Colin does not travel with a gun, preferring to make magic rather than war.

Superhero Characters
We have a number of fabulous superhero characters on offer ranging from Spi derman to B en 10 to Pirate Jack. We are also happy to take most requests so shoot us an email and let us know which favourite characters you are hoping for.

+ more female characters...
Pirate Penny
Rainbow Fairy
Alice in Won
der land
Debbie Diva
der Woman
Chrissy the Christmas Fairy


“The kids all had a ball and the adults got a laugh as well. Charlie loved his gift and the games were fun and kept the kids captivated the entire time. We have re watched the video of the party many times this week. Thanks for the ease of organising it all too.”
Jonathon, 6yrs, Caulfield South

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